Paul Roux is a special place. Here a fine balance is kept between preserving the farm village character and its country life charm, but where sustainable and environmentally-friendly development is pursued. Here we have local farmers and business people, professionals, retirees, artists, crafters, zoomers and those just living here just for the joy that simple country life can bring. Residents proudly bring friends to visit the village who end up visiting time and time again.
Primarily, the Village is a place where one can truly relax. But there are a host of activities to keep one busy such as Hiking – the famous Holhoek Hiking Trail where one can see bushman caves and their art. Visiting the dinosaur fossil foot prints either by 4 x 4 or as a hike. Gently strolling along the village trail for those that are not serious hikers. Taking morning coffee or sundown drinks on the koppie above the village. Kids can safely ride their bicycles. Horse riding in the village is a regular activity. Excellent fishing, bird watching and geological sites are in the vicinity.

The village has several active groups that are involved to promote the vision of the village, engage proactively with the municipality and join in arranged activities and social life. The village is also a registered conservancy. During the 89th annual meeting of WESSA (Wildlife Environment Society of South Africa) the forum was awarded the WESSA national group award in recognition of the excellent work taken by the group for the benefit of environmental conservation in their community, through action taken to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

The Uniondale Game Farm has dinosaur footprints dating back many millions of years. The village also has the Paul Roux Private Museum filled with many historic items and hosts monthly events, for residents and visitors.